Friday, 29 August 2014

Where the wild roses grow

Check out this little Maggies Farm number! 
Maggies Farm have tuns of these style of playsuits in at the moment. Any pattern you can think of, and what's better is that they are probably the most comfortable playsuit I have ever put on! I fell in love with this pattern and for me not really being a red person or even suiting red for that matter I could not lust over this playsuit enough! 

These little babies are perfect to dress up or down and would make a perfect going out outfit with your killer heels and a basic leather jacket! Smokingg'

Why not head down to Maggies Farm and pick up yours now! Browse the other styles also! You will not regret it! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more Maggies Farm posts up tomorrow

Friday, 22 August 2014

London Fashion Week 14' with Motel Rocks + Yahoo Lifestyle

Yahoo Lifestyle have teamed up with Motel Rocks + Stila Cosmetics to run a fantastic competition in which one fashion blogger and one beauty blogger will receive the opportunity of lifetime to report live from the front row and backstage of none other than London Fashion Week!! Is that amazing or what?!

After applying I received an e-mail which told me I have been amazingly lucky enough to be short-listed in the Fashion bloggers category and would deeply appreciate if you can take two minutes to vote for me to win! All you have to do is click here and select 'Christie Kelly Martin' from the poll on the right hand side of your page. 

As you can imagine I am super honoured to even be considered to be short-listed. However, it would mean the world to me to be a part of London Fashion Week for the weekend! I would be eternally greatful if you can find the time to vote for me!

The winner will be geared out in the best of the best the amazing Motel Rocks and be made beautiful at the hands of Stila Cosmetics! 

Thankyou so so much if you do! You guys are amazing!

Christie xo


Grey Shirt - Primark
Black Top - Topshop
Skirt - Motel Rocks*
Shoes - Ark
Duster Coat - Primark

Hello guys! Hope your week has been excellent and the sudden change in the weather has not been too upsetting hah. I think summer is well and truly over, although I do prefer wearing autumn/winter clothes so excited to get the winter wardrobe filled! 

I was recently contacted by the lovely Analise from Motel Rocks brand. As many of you know I am HUGE fan of Motel Rocks so when I was contacted and gifted this beautiful skirt I could not be happier. Also I am now officially part of the Motel Street Team which means theres a exclusive discount for my readers! 

As autumn is approaching I feel this skirt is a perfect piece for layering in the colder days! The print is beautiful and the colours scream autumn but without being the cliché autumn colours you often find in the stores at this time of year. 

I decided to pair this skirt with a thick black crop top with my grey shirt. A thick pair of tights to keep the pins warm and my grey duster coat! Overall, I truly love the style of this skirt, it is so versatile! it could be worn throughout the seasons. Use it to layer in the winter or get out your strappy bra lets and get your bare legs out for the summer season! 

All items marked with an asterix are gifted to me

simply fill your basket with all your goodies and type 'christiemartin' at the check out, and you will receive your discount!

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Hellooo! The other day I picked up these gorgeous floral shorts from Maggies Farm. They caught my eye instantly with their bright colours and bold print. I could not wait to pair these beauties up with my new turtle neck crop from Topshop. I wanted to style these shorts more for the colder days approaching but these would look perfect on a summer holiday with a sweet lace bralet. I also threw over my leather jacket and finished this look off with my peep toe grunge boots also by Topshop. Grab these shorts quick before they are gone! Perfect pair.

do not forget lovelys that I can now give my followers a fabulous discount at MOTEL ROCKS just type in 'christiemartin' at the checkout to receive your discount! 

Lipstick - Faux by Mac
Sunglasses - Ebay
Top - Topshop
Shorts - Maggies Farm*
Leather Jacket - Debenhams
Boots - Topshop

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hello guys! I am in the middle of getting pictures for my next outfit post so I decided that I would make my Autumn/Winter wish list. As we are edging ever closer to the colder months I have been obsessing over coats at the moment and can not wait to purchase them again for the winter! In this post I have only listed the jackets/coats and the boots I am crushing over at the moment. Tomorrow's blog post will include bags, tops and trousers. Hope ya enjoyyy lovelys!

 Green Heavy Duster Coat - Topshop £79 here
Knitted Loop Gilet - Topshop £65 here
Light Pink Longline Jacket - Boohoo £40 here
Grid Textured Oversized Coat - £80 here

Grey Suede Lace Up Boot - Riverisland £45 here
Black High Ankle Boot - Zara £50 here
Pink Platform Boot - The White Pepper £90 here
Burgandy Flat Bootie - Zara £30 here

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Hello! This post is going to be a bit different from my most recent ones! As you guys know my hair is very very blonde which means it has been through a hard time being bleached and dyed a lot unfortunately! Although I am happy with how my hair feels most of the time I do sometimes like to give it some intense treatment from time to time to give it that extra moisture and keep it in the best condition I can. 

Recently, I have been trying to grow my hair out and this is a slow slow process.  As growing your hair out longer takes a lot of patience I want to make sure that the hair that is growing in is kept in the best condition possible and not just breaking away, causing a slow growth rate. I heard a lot of people talking about the Lee Stafford range and decided to try them out! 

So, to help you guys out I decided to review the two products I tried. 

Lee Stafford - Hair Growth Treatment Mask

The first product I picked up a couple of weeks ago and just recently stocked up on was the Hair Growth Treatment in the mask form. Before purchasing I read up on reviews and was happy enough to try it out for myself. The packaging is very eye catching and like all Lee Stafford products they stand out, which makes them very easy to spot on the self too ha! The treatment has a Pro-Growth complex included to "help fertilize your hair follicles, creating a healthy environment on the scalp to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length". Sounds pretty appealing to me! Also I love the quote on the packaging too

'If the earth's not nourished you'll never grow beautiful flowers'

When I opened the product I was in love with the fragrance. If you like Thierry Mugler's perfume Angel then you will love this as it smells identical! The directions tell you to shampoo your hair as normal and then use the hair growth treatment then your normal conditioner last. So, Applying the product is very straight forward, apply to the mid lengths and ends and make sure to keep away from your roots as this can make the hair greasy! After keeping the treatment on for the full 5 minutes It was time to rinse it out, whilst rinsing I felt my hair so so soft! Like amazingly soft. So yeah I was pretty impressed so far! It also did not leave my hair feeling greasy and full of product when it was dried. 

Overall, I was very very impressed with how this product felt on my hair. I have not been using the product long enough to notice a difference of how much my hair has grown but I do feel that my hair feels a lot thicker and in a lot better condition! 9/10 for this!

Hair Growth Treatment - Leave in Spray

The second product I purchased having been so pleased with the mask form on the Hair Growth Treatment range I decided to buy the same product but in the leave in treatment. I have tried many leave in conditioners including the Aussie Miracle leave in conditioner. I had been using the Aussie product for so long and wanted to try something else so when I seen this product I decided to try it out. 

This product is very similar to the mask from although as you can see it is a spray that you apply after you have came out of the shower. I liked the idea of the treatment not being rinsed out like the mask so it is left longer in the hair giving the product time to work. I only purchased this 2 days ago so I still have not seen results yet but I will keep you guys posted!

However, the first time using this product I was very happy. The directions tell you to spray this all over your hair including your roots, and comb through. I suffer from greasy/oily hair so the thought of spraying this directly into my roots scared me a little. However, I stuck to the directions and sprayed evenly throughout my hair and instead of combing through I massaged the product into my hair. When it came to dry my hair I was anxious that I was going to be left with this greasy mop but was so so pleased when it dried perfectly and there was no sticky product left visible in my hair! It left my hair feeling soft and shiny too! Perfect in my eyes! 

I can not wait to continue using these two Lee Stafford products and will let you know how I get on with these when I have used them more and how it affected my hair growth! 

Although these products are on the pricey side in my opinion they are worth every penny ( they are also on 3 for 2 a lot even better ) and have been delighted with the results so far! Fair chuffed!! aha.

Looking for a hair boost? GO GRAB EM'

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Back to Black

Headband - Ebay
Bralet - Maggies Farm
Shorts - Maggies Farm
Lace Maxi - Maggies Farm
Boots - Topshop

Helloo guys. This post is going to be an all black outfit today. I fell in love with this lace maxi from Maggies Farm the other day and had to pick it up! I wish I had spotted this for T in the Park. I love the side split and how it goes over any outfit! I would love to see how you guys style it so go and pick it up now!!